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Site Inspections

A site inspection is the best way to ensure the arrestor you install is best suited for the job and will confirm the following:-

  1. Correct sizing based on seating capacity & volume of trade waste per working day
  2. Whether a below or above ground installation best suits
  3. Access to service & pump out the arrestor.
  4. Whether a suction line to pump out to the street is required.
  5. Whether the need to pump from kitchen to the arrestor or from the arrestor to the sewer.
  6. Whether protective traffic bollards or anti vandal cage is required.
  7. Venting to atmosphere to the highest roof.

QSI have a National Installers Network of experienced tradewaste installers & are happy to provide a referral.

The experienced installers on the QSI National Installers Network will provide a site inspection & obligation free quote.
The ability to identify potential problems, discuss them with you & include in the quote means less surprises.
Email QSI for a referral.

QSI offer free telephone & email technical support for installers.
QSI have a National Installers Network, which is a register of experienced tradewaste installers.
Email QSI for a local installer.

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