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QSI Warranty

Most manufacturers provide a 5 year warranty, or at best 7 years.

QSI’s warranty is for 10 years.

With the improvement in materials, specialised poly manufacturing processes to maximise strength, heavy duty construction and 24 years manufacturing experience, the QSI range is backed by a 10 year warranty.

The manufacturers’ motto is “designed to perform better”…… and these tanks are!

With a ten (10) year warranty, the QSI tanks offer twice the 5 year warranty of most manufacturers.

The heavy duty specification for the QSI arrestors are the same as truck mounted cartage tanks able to handle the flexing and twisting of a truck mounted unit.

The difference is, that rather than being stressed on the back of a truck, they are in a fixed position on or in the ground in a “static” or passive application.

The QSI pre-treatment units far exceed any poly tank specs in the market place.

The commitment to quality, is demonstrated by a comprehensive multi-stage quality system which has earnt certification to ISO9001:2008 standards……. the only trade waste product supplier to do so!

QSI are able to deliver superior pre-treatment arrestors, with a ten year warranty which reflects the superior materials and design specifications of the QSI arrestors.

10 year Warranty

Australian made

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